Uta Mohring

Operations management in logistics and transportation
Dr. Uta Mohring is a postdoctoral researcher at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada. She received her doctoral degree from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, in 2022 for her thesis on workload balancing and capacity planning in stochastic order fulfillment centers.

Her research is in the fields of operations management, logistics, shared mobility, and on-demand transportation. She is fascinated by the idea of using mathematical models to develop viable solutions to real-world problems. Her research especially focuses on developing and applying mathematical models to guide decision-making under uncertainty.
Currently, she is working on workload balancing and demand management approaches for E-commerce fulfillment centers as well as decentralized control regimes for ride-hailing networks with spatial demand imbalance and strategic drivers.

Her profile is distinguished by her strong and diverse international research experience and network, her interdisciplinary research between business and engineering sciences, and her strong experience in acquiring third-party funding.

Stochastic modeling, queueing theory, Markov decision processes, simulation

Online retailing, warehouse operations, on-demand transportation, shared mobility, ride-hailing, revenue management, logistics, supply chain management 


Dr. Uta Mohring

Rotman School of Management

University of Toronto

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